Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This week - June 23rd-28th

Here's last weeks re-cap!

Last week was like any other around here, filled with many things to do! Nothing too exciting, just the normal stuff. We found a new company that is hosting Chic Boutique's website so the end of my week was crazy busy trying to get all of that set up and ready for the transfer. We are very excited about it and the new company is awesome. We are going to be able to do so much more with the Boutique now. The highlight of the week though was Courtney's Birthday Party with her friends on Thursday. We had a great time a surprisingly with 26 kids, things went very well. Courtney had so much fun with everyone and the 3 hours flew by. Our week ended with the Auction BBQ which was a lot of fun!!! It was a nice night out without the kids.

Here's the news for this week.....

Yes, this weeks updated is being posted a little late, I know. But that's the way it goes!! :) Anyway, this week is the same as any other week too. But this week our nights have been filled. I'm taking the girls to the Muny on Wednesday to see High School Musical. Should be a lot of fun. They are really looking forward to it. Thursday night I have the PTP Planning meeting and there is the fireworks display put on by Delmar Gardens. Friday Courtney has a birthday party and JB has their Fireworks display. And then the weekend is here and another week will be starting. I just about have the finishing touches done on the Chic Boutique's new website. Which I must say is really freaking cute! I love it and I'm very excited about the new changes and also the new items and plans for the Boutique. Check out the website and let me know what you think,

Until next week, have a great week!!

And yes...I know I haven't done this yet. But Dave has had my camera to picture some properties so I haven't been able to download my pics but I will be posting pictures sometime soon! It's on my list of things to do that is never ending but I do have pics from Courtney's birthday parties and the baseball game that will be coming soon!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here we go....the week of June 16th

Here's last weeks re-cap!

Let me think, brain freeze here....what went on last week. All of my days and weeks seem to run together now a days. I guess I need to pull my planner out for a recap! I think this is a bad sign. Well anyway, here we go. Oh yes, last week was Courtney's birthday week. She turned 8!! It's crazy!!!! I can not believe she is 8 already and I feel like my grandma in saying, time goes by so quickly. Dave pointed out the fact that she is half way to getting her driver's licence! Are you serious?? I'm having a hard enough time with the fact that I have an 8 year old and you have to point out she will be driving in 8 years!?!? Anyway, so we did some swimming last week which by the way was quite chilly. So I kept my butt out but the girls had a great time. Otherwise our week was filled with busy stuff and working on the Boutique which is coming along well. Our week ended with taking the girls to the Cardinals game for a Saturday afternoon game. We had a blast!! It was VERY hot sitting out in the first row of the bleachers (thanks to The Huff Family!) cooking in the hot afternoon sun but Courtney was so excited to be there. Kayla made the comment, "I don't want to come next time, I'll just stay home with MaMa." When I asked her why and if she wasn't having fun, she looked at me with this look on her face like, YOU IDIOT! She says "It's hot and I'm sweating and my armpits are wet!" Needless to say Kayla pretty much goes for the food but once we were in the car she was so damn cute. She said "Mommy and Daddy, even though it was hot and my armpits were wet the whole time, I tried to have fun. Thank you for bringing me but next time can I come at night because this was just too much for me." Gotta love her!
After the baseball game we headed over to my aunt and uncles house for Brett's high school graduation party. It's hard to believe he's heading off to collage in two months!!!

Here's the news for this week.....
This week is like any other week, BUSY!! It's summer, we are suppose to get a break. It's the normal on and off stuff and working. Courtney has her friends party on Thursday so I've got to get things ready for that. Good old Goody Bags. Whoever thought of that idea? It's some annoying having to find stuff to put in the bags. Half of the time the bags have nothing but crap in them and I can't stand that so I'm always the dumb one trying to find good, cheap, and practical stuff to put in them. Why? I don't know cause I hate wasting money on stupid stuff and like to drive myself crazy. But anyway, I found some great deals on things at Dollar Tree. I'm really starting to like that place. I spent $32 and got enough stuff for 25 goody bags plus the bags. We found packages of bubbles that come in bottles shaped like a soda bottle, tattoos (just because the kids love them) a card game of either Old Maid, Go Fish, Matching, or Crazy 8's, and then the girls got a hair thing and the boys got these little baseballs. Everything came with multiple items in the package so it really cut down on the cost and I feel like the kids are going home with something they can use and it's not crap that will end up in the trash! Oh well, just my two cents about goody bags, I hate them!

Our week ends with the Auction BBQ, which should be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to it.

Until next week, have a great week!!

And yes...I know, I will be posting pictures sometime soon! It's on my list of things to do that is never ending but I do have pics from Courtney's birthday and the baseball game that will be coming soon!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

HaPpY bIrThDaY cOuRtNeY!!

Can you believe it? Courtney turned 8 today! It's unbelievable how fast the time goes by!

Happy 8th Birthday Courtney!

And for the popular "What did she get for her birthday" question......this year it was an iPod! I know, crazy but she's been asking for one and believe it or not, knew all about it, what to do with it, and how to use it! Pretty crazy! I'll post some pics later!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

This Upcoming Week ~ June 9th

Here's last weeks re-cap!

So, our first full week of summer vacation has come and gone. It has been so nice not hearing that alarm clock going off at 6:30am!! I love it!! The girls had a pretty relaxing week and really enjoyed their time at home. We had a great week and I must say, for the most part, they were quite and got along great!! I'm crossing my fingers that continues. Even though the first couple days were a little rough with "What are we doing today? Where are we going?" questions. I think they thought they were going to get to do something everyday, all day and be entertained. But not so much! Hopefully all this rain will go away and it will dry up so they can be playing outside more. Saturday night was Courtney's family Birthday party. It was a nice relaxing, yet hot party. The AC is not working right so it was a little warm here. But other than that things went well.

Here's the news for this week.....
This week is a busy one. Courtney's birthday is Thursday. She's turning 8 already!! The time is going by so quickly. We were talking Saturday night at dinner about where everyone was at when they received the phone call, "Mandy's in labor and at the hospital!" and who was at the hosital in the waiting room. There was even a converstation about who came in the room first. Seems like it was all just yesterday. Anyway, the first part of the week is busy with at home stuff and the last part is busy with all kinds of stuff! Not really sure what we are doing on Courtney's birthday yet, but Friday is busy and then Saturday is non stop. But we are taking the girls to the Cardinals game Saturday afternoon!!! I'm really excited, it's their first game of the season!! And then after the game, it's off to my Aunts house for Brett's Graduation Party. So, it's going to be a busy week and weekend ahead of us!!!!

Until next week, have a great week!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Where to Move?

So, we've been looking around for a place to live. It's been a long time coming and I can't handle my stuff in storage any longer. I went to the storage locker the other day to get something out for the girls and actually starting crying as I looked at all my stuff and box after box just sitting there. It's been a rough year and I've made a lot of changes. And yet, I'm still working on making more changes.

As I've been looking around, the biggest question that plays a huge factor in what to look at is location. And I'm honestly having a very hard time with this. I know I've always put myself in this little "box" of an area I wanted to live. It's the same area that I grew up in. I'm comfortable here so why change location? However the price of houses is not where we are at right now. We've considered renting an apartment to try and save up some money but the thought of doing that, well it makes me freak a little!! Just the idea of living in a small 2 bedroom apartment with 2 little girls....even temporary....I don't think my sanity could handle it!!!

Don't get me wrong, for the most part the girls are good and I can't complain, too much! But I think we all would be on each others nerves on a daily basis. There's just not enough room.
So then the idea came up of moving what I call "out there" like Jefferson County way again. But this time the Imperial direction. We lived an Arnold for a year and I'll be honest, the location was prefect, it was close to everything but the actual area....OMG! I should have NEVER moved there. It's the ONE AND ONLY time I've let Dave say, "I told you I didn't think it was that great of an idea." So I'm not too impressed with the idea of going back to Jefferson County even though for the most part Imperial is a lot better than Arnold. (And yes I know...not all of Arnold is bad so don't yell at me!) But the thought of going through another 4th of July for 2-3 weeks again.....hello!! We don't need fireworks going off from 9:00am - 11:00pm everyday for 3 weeks! That in itself was alittle much for me.

I really want to stay close to school. I'm really happy being there and I know the girls are too. We've made a lot of great new friends and the families in Courtney's class are alot of fun to be around. I'm very happy we decided to change schools even though the tution is going to kill us! But with gas prices the way they are and the idea of prices coming down is a joke, the closer to school we are, the better I think it will be with the running back and forth so much.
So here's where I'm at right now....we found this townhouse we all really like. Yes it's not perfect and there are a few minor things to change before we could move in but for the most part things it's just about "perfect" and things could be updated at a later date. It's about 5 minutes from school, not exactly the direction I wanted to go but it's still close enough to be able to run home and back up to school without feeling like I'm wasting my time or gas. It's 3 levels and the basement is finished. I do like it and I think my sanity will be better off than in an apartment. The issue I'm having is even though there's a nice area outside both in the front and the back for the girls to play, we won't have out "own" yard area. The girls like to play outside so much that them not having their swing set to play on kind of bums me out. Courtney was a little upset by it but she does like the idea of the pool being down behind us.....

This is just too stressful!!!! Wish there was a little magic fairy who could give us the winning lottery numbers. I've always said, "If I was ever lucky enough, I will take care of my family and friends too!" But so far, not so much!

Oh well.....there's my little pitty party for tonight, "where oh where do I move to?" I'm thinking staying close and in a townhouse is looking like the right thing to do right now. It's not like it's forever, right?!?!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our Week of June 2nd, 2008

Here's last weeks re-cap!

Well...last week was very busy and I never got a chance to update our weekly blog. Memorial Day weekend we went up to the Farm for a Family Reunion on my Mom's side of the family. EVERYBODY went up, the whole family....all 18 of us. We all had a great time despite all the rain we had. We came back on Monday to a VERY busy week. It was Courtney's last week of school. It's hard to believe how fast the time is gone, she will be starting 2nd grade in 2 and a half months!! And my Aunt and Uncle were in town until Saturday so we did spend somemore time with them.

Here's the news for this week.....
It's the first week of summer vacation!!!! It's been so nice not having to get up in the morning, drag the girls out of bed, and get up and ready. I LOVE summer vacation and can't wait for the hot weather to get here and spend some time in the pool!! Our week is for the most part uneventful but at the same time, full of things to do. Since I've got Chic Boutique up and running, there are things I want to be doing daily to help it grow. So while I might not be running around with a million things to do or place to go, my week is still very busy!! The girls don't really have anything going on other than bugging each other and driving each other crazy the first week of vacation. I most say though, they've been pretty quite and have just been hanging out. But then again, it's only Tuesday so tomorrow they will probably be driving each other crazy! I already sat them down today and gave them "the talk" about how things are going to go this summer. But for the most part, they both have always been good and easy going with me working from home. I'm crossing my fingers that this summer will be no different!!
Until next week, have a great week!!