Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Safe 4th of July!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Too much!

* Craziness * Stressful * Exciting! *

Pretty much sums up the last week around the Fritsche house! We are currently in the process of moving. My parents finally sold their house so the hunt for a new place began. We found a new house that we are very excited about! More coming about the house later. So there's been a lot of packing and moving going on for the last week. We got the keys to the new house last Thursday, June 25th. In the middle of all the moving, I have also started a new job with a Farmer's Insurance agent. There's a lot of changes going on around here so I haven't had much time to update the last week. But once we are all moved and the unpacking is mostly finished, blogging will be back on the list of things to do! :)

Our other exciting news for the week is, Courtney headed back to Dallas with Aunt Debbie, Michelle, and Gracie on Monday. They had been here visiting for the last week and Courtney decided to go back home with them. They already had a trip to STL planned for the end of July so the plan right now is for her to stay until they come back to 4 weeks!!!!!! It's going to be so strange not having Courtney around. We will have to wait and see if she makes it the whole time. I think she will, she was very excited about going so I think she is going to be just fine. I think it's going to be harder on Mommy and Daddy! :) Kayla decided to stay home after realizing just how long she would be gone. It was going to be too long for her to be away.

Well, off to bed.....I need to try and catch up on some sleep!!

Until next time, have a great week!