Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where does the time go?

So, I said back in January I was going to start blogging again. More regularly. Well, just as said that life got a little crazy and there was time for nothing. We packed and moved in a matter of 6 weeks into a dream house. I LOVE this house. Without sounding like a brat, this house is awesome!! And 6 months ago I would have never dreamed we would be living in a house like this right now. Things are finally settling down and everyone seems truly happy. I mean, who wouldn't be? We have a one & a half story so the girls are upstairs in "their own area". Dave and I are on the main floor with an extra guest bedroom. And there's an amazing finished basement!!!! Where the girls live! They LOVE it down there. There is so much room, soft carpet, a play room, pool table, "media room" and 3 TV's! So much fun!!
So after the big move was spring break and a weeks vacation for Dave. We used this time to unpack and organize the new house. The week went by too fast but we got a lot done. Then it was back to school for the girls and work for Dave. Finally, some time for me to get back to work and get some things done on my own. Time to really settle in. Oh no! Hold up, the curve ball of never a dull moment in life was coming. Dave had some medical issues that needed to be taken care of. Time off work for him and some time to focus on getting him better. I'm happy to report, everything went well and he's on the road to a full recovery.
Now we find ourselves at the end of April before things got "back to normal". And just like that the end of the school year was upon us and 5 months have quickly pasted. So with that being said, there has been a lot of changes around here for the Fritsche family. Some big decisions have been made and lots of positive changes are around the corner. Hopefully, life is slowing down a little to a steady "busy" pace. We are looking forward to a great relaxing summer.
Stay tuned for REGULAR updates and maybe a few rants as I do some "cleaning out!"

Have a great Sunday Funday!!