Friday, February 15, 2013

I did it again!

Time totally got away from me.  Again.  It's been four months without a posting.  Why do I let it go that long?  I've said it a million times, "I'm going to stay on top of this!", "I like sitting down and typing away."  Well, whatever.  Here we are again.  We survived mass chaos during the holidays.  Or maybe it was organized chaos.  I don't know but whatever it was, we survived and no one died.  Although there was a point during Christmas were I thought about seriously hurting a person or two.  I didn't.  I continued to take my all natural "stress & tension relaxer" and drank my fair share of wine.
The girls continue to grow, learn, and excel.  I still am amazed everyday at how they are doing in school.  They both made high honor roll for the first semester.  It's amazing!!  They are involved with clubs at school and continue still to be so happy about going to school.  I love it.
So without rambling on and on about too many updates about what's been going on, we'll just leave things at, it's been a great last couple of months.  Things are going well, the girls are great, and I WILL be here more often.  :)

Have a great weekend......

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