Saturday, August 4, 2012

New beginnings.......

A new beginning is getting ready to take place around our house. In a little under two weeks, the girls will be starting new schools. They are super excited. I am excited. But I am very nervous. I haven't asked either one of the girls if they are nervous. I don't want them to start thinking about it if they are not. They don't seem to be nervous. But I wonder. We are all very excited about this change. It's a fresh start and a new journey. While I am grateful for the time they spent at their old school, it was for sure time to change. I had been unhappy with a number of things going on, happening, and the way people are treated. This is not going to be a "bash the old place" because I am not going to do that. Things were different. We are at a different place in our life right now and it just didn't feel like the place for us anymore. I am sad to be leaving our "comfort zone" and starting a new adventure. I'm not too big on big changes and this would be one thing that I get very nervous about. I've always stressed about where the girls should go to school. Was it the right place? Will they like it? Will they get a good education? Will they have friends? The only time I didn't stress about it was deciding on preschool. i knew 100% for sure where they were going. No questions asked. No talking about it needed.
C started kindergarten in a public school. I had wanted a lutheran grade school but we were unsure about paying the tuition, they shelterness, dress codes, etc. We knew we wanted the girls to have some shelter from the crazy world but we also wanted them to be prepared to deal with the real world. Not be so shelter shocked after high school. Well, kindergarten was great but then we made the switch to a lutheran grade school in 1st grade. K started pre-k that same year at the same school. We wanted her to make some friends there before starting kindergarten.
The years go by. I'm involved with volunteering and helping out with things at school. Life is moving on and we are thrown several curve balls. We were on a crazy roller coaster and trying to survive life.
We fast forward until the summer of 2011. C starts asking to switch schools. She was unhappy with a lot of things. K agrees she wants to also. I immediately started to panic. I was ready to switch but had no clue where to send them. The public school district we were in was a no go. I was uncomfortable with the girls going there. So it was decided, they would return for at least one more year while we look into other schools. School starts and the hunt begins. We quickly realized we should look at moving. We were pretty positive we wanted to go to the public schools but needed to be in a different district. In December the search for a new house began. We found a house and moved in March. We were super excited. We love this house!!! And we LOVE the schools the girls will be going to in 2 weeks.
So, here we are......about ready to start a new chapter. I hope I survive this craziness. I'm not sure if I'm really ready for the girls to be in public school. I still want them to stay little and innocent. But I firmly believe they both have a good head on their shoulders and they will be fine. I hope they make lots of new friends, make lots of new memories, learn a lot....but not too much about "life", and I hope we have made the right choice and they are happy. They seem like they are and that's all I want for both of them.
Stay tuned......I'm sure I'll have lots to write about!! :)

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